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Professional VPS Server

The virtual private server is the latest technology in server virtualization with root access so you have all the management server with the advantage of being able to extend their resources as needed. Our virtual private servers are in a really stable, secure and optimized platform. It also features full redundancy and fault tolerant hardware. You have root access to your server to install the programs you need to level the Linux operating system, the private server is managed by yourself and also offer you with the powerful panel cPanel and WHM administration to facilitate the daily administration tasks. All this added value and support of our excellent technical support that is always available to assist you in quickly and accurately in every situation.

  • VPS Y1


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  • imgRAM: 1GB
  • imgCPU: 1 core @3.50GHz
  • imgDisk Space: 10GB RAID10
  • imgTransfer: 10,000GB
  • imgIP: 1
  • VPS Y2


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  • imgRAM: 2GB
  • imgCPU: 2 core @3.50GHz
  • imgDisk Space: 25GB RAID10
  • imgTransfer: 10,200GB
  • imgIP: 1
  • VPS Y3


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  • imgRAM:4GB
  • imgCPU: 3 core @3.50GHz
  • imgDisk Space:50GB RAID10
  • imgTransfer: 10,000GB
  • imgIP: 1
  • VPS Y4


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  • imgRAM: 8GB
  • imgCPU: 4 core @3.50GHz
  • imgDisk Space: 100GB RAID10
  • imgTransfer: 10,000GB
  • imgIP: 1
  • Processor



    Disk Space




  • VPS Y5


    8 cores @3.50GHz




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  • VPS Y6


    12 cores @3.50GHz




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  • VPS Y7


    14 cores @3.50GHz




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VPS Server

The perfect VPS for your project a few clicks, choose the plan that suits you and your project and start. All our VPS come with Intel Xeon processors. Get all the power and control of their own virtual server for less!

Flexible resources

You can increase your resources (RAM,

Space, CPU, Traffic) server as your

business grows, minimizing unnecessary

additional resource costs.

Panel Control

You get a control panel through which

you can control your VPS simple and

intuitive way, with the functions of

Reset, Off, On, change OS and more.

Root Access

You have full access (root) to your

servdor with root access you can

manage everything you need as well as

need to install additional software.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Minimizing points of failure and an

intelligent architecture allows us to

minimize failures and provide better

stability and efficiency in the service.

Backup Pro

Support services are available

throughout your VPS, so that your files

are always safe and within reach.

Contact us and ask for the service.

No Contracts

Our services are free of permanence, no

contract. Freedom is a commitment that

we respect privacy and service.